18 Musketeers at Arizona State University

The scholars, program staff, and community members smile for one of their first group selfies

The 2023 Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) on Journalism, Technology, and Democracy hosts 18 musketeers from around the world to embark on a remarkable American adventure for a unique opportunity.

These 18 heroes arrived in ASU’s beautiful city of Phoenix, became close friends, and put all their efforts into taking their desired knowledge and information back home.

The SUSI Scholars pose for their group photo at the Welcome Reception

ASU opened its heart to everyone, and on Friday the participants discussed their projects and what they want to take away from this beautiful experience, including but not limited to:

  • Rakib from Bangladesh is looking forward to completing this program. The primary outcome in his mind will be the friendships he will build for six weeks with other scholars, from 18 separate countries on 5 continents. 
    Secondly, he wanted to share the experiences he would gain following his interactions with Americans about this society. 
    Thirdly, he will try to implement some teaching methods from the Cronkite School of Journalism at his workplace in Bangladesh. 
    Lastly, he will cherish the memories of this program and nurture this network in the days ahead.
A scholar wearing a VR headset stands in a room, while another records him
Peter (Slovakia) trying VR at ASU’s Learning Collaborators in Tempe while Sokhen (Cambodia) records him on his phone
  • Rachna from India expects to take her experience in new media education systems to compare and adapt the same in her country. 
A young woman sits at a conference table, concentrating on her tablet
Felicity (Taiwan) works on her project in room 444
  • Shang-Fang (Felicity) from Taiwan is seeking more opportunities to collaborate and support her research about content co-creation by building digital business ecosystems. 
  • Peter from Slovakia wants to become a more well-rounded person who knows the American approach and current trends in media and university education/science. He can then introduce the academic, scientific, or media processes at home, at his university and society. Last but not least, he’s looking forward to getting to know the USA, new colleagues, and friends, with whom he might be able to do some international research and academic cooperation in the short future.
  • Firly from Indonesia is eager to learn more about digital media and communication in the US.
  • Alejandro from Costa Rica said that in addition to all the information we are getting, he would like to gain a substantial friendly network of colleagues for future projects from 17 other countries worldwide.  He also added that Costa Rica is a medium-income Latin American country that needs ideas about how to teach communication in the 21st Century, and he would like to share a current list of skills to promote humanism from their professional field.
A scholar turns to salute the camera while walking towards the entrance to Chase Field
Alejandro from Costa Rica at the Chase Field Stadium

Each of the 18 musketeers is responsible for wearing their designation from ASU as a badge of honour and taking the things learned back home to apply to their everyday duties.This experiment in room 444 included special memories for each of them, where the musketeers shared information and engagement with pure hearts.

Five scholars gesture at the camera against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon
Peter (Slovakia), Elastus (Zambia), Hassan (Lebanon), Rakib (Bangladesh), and Alejandro (Costa Rica) at the Grand Canyon