Take Us Out to the Ballgame!

Chase Field

June 14th was a busy day. Felicity wrote about our first technology sessions with Retha Hill; now, let’s delve into the evening activities of the scholars.

While Felicity was back in Gordon Commons drafting her blog post, 16 other scholars attended a baseball match between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Philadelphia Phillies at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.

Before heading to the game, a group of graduate students specializing in Sports Journalism at Arizona State University—Andrew Lind, Josh Bootzin and Josh Kuziej—gave us some insights about this particular sport. They also accompanied us to the game.

The scholars surround a conference table while watching Andrew Lind diagram baseball on a whiteboard
Andrew Lind, Cronkite master’s student in sport journalism and sports bureau anchor, introduces the scholars to the basic rules of baseball in the Cronkite News conference room

Most scholars found it challenging to grasp the rules during the game since baseball was relatively new to them. However, our fellow scholars like Peter (Slovakia), Elastus (Zambia), Alejandro (Costa Rica), Angie Van Der Kooye (Suriname), Hassan (Lebanon), and Rakib (Bangladesh) often turned to the three students sitting nearby when they didn’t understand something. 

The scholars sit in the all-you-can-eat box at Chase Field in Phoenix during a Diamondbacks-Philies game
The Scholars watch the Diamondbacks-Phillies game on June 14

Nevertheless, other scholars were also excited to join the game as it was their first time witnessing a baseball match, and they had the opportunity to enjoy free hotdogs, chips, popcorn, and soft drinks in the all-you-can-eat box.

You can learn more about what some scholars did during the last 30 minutes of the match through a selfie photo by our scholar Elira (Kyrgyzstan). 

The scholars sit in the all-you-can-eat section of Chase Field, taking a group selfie
Scholars take selfies in the last 30 minutes of the game. (Photo by Elisa Turdubaeva)

The game concluded with the Philadelphia Phillies defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks, 4 to 3.