SUSI 2021: The Long-Awaited Reunion

17 Media scholars, educators, and professionals pose in front of a stone tablet bearing the ASU charter on the downtown campus

September 25, 2022 marked the official launch of the in-person component of the 2021 Study of the US Institute on Journalism, Technology and Democracy program.

Seventeen scholars from all over the world were finally able to meet each other face to face in Phoenix, Arizona. This face-to-face capstone program was preceded by online modules that took place from June 14 to July 2, 2021. Thus, the online sessions consisted of both synchronous and asynchronous sessions tackling issues related to media literacy, journalism pedagogy, and other pressing topics.

Day 1: Orientation

The first day was dedicated mainly to orientation and guidelines. It started with a welcome note given by Academic Director Dawn Gilpin. It was then followed by a round of reintroductions and important administrative announcements.

The daily program also included a tour of the Downtown ASU campus as well as the Cronkite building.

The scholars take over Arizona PBS Studio A for a group photo on set
The scholars take over Arizona PBS Studio A for a group photo on set

In the Cronkite building, scholars had the chance to visit the First Amendment Forum, studios of Cronkite News and Arizona PBS among other state-of-the-art facilities.

Closing out the big day

The closure was special with a casual group dinner at the Vig Fillmore restaurant, to celebrate both the reunion and the birthday of Indonesian scholar Mr. Dimas Prakoso Nugroho. 

The scholars celebrated their arrival and the birthday of Dimas Prakoso Nugroho of Indonesia at a casual dinner on their first night in downtown Phoenix.