A display from the Phoenix Art Museum with an interplay of light and dark

Today we completed a week with brainstorming and refreshing dialogues. Everybody discussed their own projects with great enthusiasm. We have been learning a lot from each other every day. Different perspectives from various countries have been creating a rich intellectual environment. Beyond academic growth, SUSI program has been providing personal growth for us. I feel I have a clearer mind about my future academic plans thanks to this wonderful voyage into the hearth of the journalism at the Arizona State University. It is a huge motivation to see dedicated media experts and scholars who desire to make a change in the world. I must add that ASU scholars are the key game changers inspiring all of us. They are refreshing us with their sparkles in the eyes. What I realized once again here is that at least half of our profession is about the energy we feel and want to share with our students and community.

A room of the Phoenix Art Museum, with "islands" of metal on a sea of wood flooring
Journalism protects humanity

Since today our classes finished in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to explore the fascinating city of Phoenix a bit more. I and some of my friends visited the Art Museum. The photographs you see on this page were taken by me in the museum. While walking and trying to feel the inner worlds of the artists, I felt journalism and art to be very closely connected. Just as artists want to touch the hearts of human beings, journalists want to do the same by telling their stories. They both want to create a better world full of justice, humanity, and compassion. The photographs showing the lights and darkness, dead bodies and masks can be interpreted as the manifestation of the contested role of the journalism which is shedding lights on the darkness with brave investigations.  

A piece of art depicting a pile of human corpses
Democracy will not die thanks to journalism

Tomorrow is another exciting day as we will go to the Grand Canyon for the weekend. We aren’t just going on a tour of the city and nature, but we also discover the inner soul of the journalism and democracy. I believe I will return to my country with amazing experiences, memories and valuable insights.