Layered Mysteries & a Phoenix-Inspired Future

Downtown Phoenix by night - photo by Soledad Arreguez Manozzo

Phoenix is a city of mysterious aura. In mythology, Phoenix symbolizes renewal as well as the sun. As an anthropologist, I was always fascinated by the imaginary representations and the construction of realities. What journalists do is give meaning and try to explain realities they encounter. Those realities may be harsh, but they try to shine a brighter light on issues. Journalists can provide compelling narrative accounts and raise questions about realities.

Desert mural
Desert mural – photo by Soledad Arreguez Manozzo

In the framework of SUSI Scholar at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, one of the things I learned is that journalism is a community service. During my three days in Phoenix I witnessed the splendor of the buildings and brightening lights, like a simulated reality where everything seems just perfect. Additionally, the arid temperatures caused by climate change will be worse in the near future. Communities will be affected.

To do good journalism is to give hope and to engage communities. We need to challenge and transform realities. In these difficult times of deceptions, economic inequalities and climate crisis we should all rise from the ashes and reinvent ourselves. Both journalists and citizens. Toward a better and sustainable future.