Paths and Bifurcations of the Academic and Professional Life

Slide showing some important academic and professional associations

There is more than just one way of being a great professional, academic and/or researcher, but some roads are more effective or convenient than others. There are no recipes, but there are people with professional and academic background who can help us a lot.

June 23rd was a day of inspiration to the SUSI program scholars. Just in time, if they were thinking about giving up or abandoning their dreams. First, Dr. Bill Silcock, former Cronkite Assistant Dean and Professor Emeritus with extensive experience and an inspiring life trajectory, gave them important information, keys and clues to consider in making academic decisions. 

He talked about the main academic organizations in mass media communications and journalism, publications and relevant scientific events. From the western perspective he highlighted the National Communication Association (NCA) and the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) and two professional organizations. From the global perspective he introduced the International Association for Media & Communication Research (IAMCR), the Council of Communication Associations (CCA) and the World Journalism Education Council (WJEC). This includes seven national and international communication associations. Also, he presented the Accrediting Council on Education in journalism and mass communication (ACEJMC), that evaluates the journalism and media communication programs in colleges and universities. 

He emphasized that the most important part of academic and professional life is collaboration (“collaboration, collaboration and collaboration” he said), because in the current world networking and exchanges are key to advancing knowledge that goes beyond an individual career. Dr. Silcock encouraged scholars, wherever they were, to “figure out what your brand statement is.” He said it is necessary to establish a searchable identity.

For the second meeting on June 23rd, two reporters spoke to SUSI program scholars: Brahm Resnik of 12 News and Heidi Renpenning of Univision Arizona. Both are naturalized citizens. They told about their experiences as immigrants, Brahm from Canada and Heidi from Mexico.  Each of them experienced a very particular set of individual, family, social and cultural processes. These processes contributed to their professional and personal life.

Brahm Resnik and Heidi Renpenning talked with SUSI Scholars about their experiences as naturalized U.S. citizens and political reporters

Wednesday was an inspirational day to forge onward!