Autry Museum: Cowboys, Native Americans, Colts and Much More…

California Stage Coach

What makes a good cowboy? First of all, one has to be really physically strong and an accurate shooter.

Display of vintage pistols
Repeating firearms, from rifles to pistols, changed the shape of American frontier history

A passion for gambling seems to be in their blood, so a love of risk and adventure.

Western-era card and dice games
Western-era card and dice games

To what extent were Western movies realistic in their depictions of cowboys? The actually were, but protracted shootout scenes were nothing more than for show. And a whole shooting scene could only last up to 3 minutes.

Scholars in the Western movie gallery
Scholars listen to the docent recount tales of Western film history

The Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles impressed SUSI 2019 journalism scholars with so many great artifacts, including Native American clothes, art, and tools. The very history of the museum is inspiring, since the singer and movie star Gene Autry perpetuated his legacy as a founder of this marvelous museum. What a nice example of personal devotion to civil society!

You want to see one of the first firefighter trucks? Or observe the stagecoach that delivered mail in the 1800s? Or see a life-size bison? Or, moreover, hear an enthralling story about how bison hunting took place in Native American communities?  If you are interested in weapons there’s a huge collection of Colt arms, even souvenir engraved Colt revolvers presented to JFK and Lyndon Johnson. In any case, LA has a wonderful must-see spot on its map: the Autry Museum of the American West.