Phoenix, the Colorful City

View of Phoenix from City Hall

The beautiful city of Phoenix is in many aspects currently the fastest growing in the United States. It is the fifth biggest city in the country. Economically the city has registered massive growth; transport infrastructure has speedily developed to include the light rail and major freeways. In the last three months, additional flights have been introduced from Phoenix to Mexico. Plans are underway to launch the first ever nonstop international flight to Asia.

Phoenix City Hall

However, to many, the most significant of all these developments has been the population growth which has changed the social demographics of Phoenix. The city, mostly known for its spectacular Desert Botanical Gardens, Camelback Mountain, zoos and parks now adds more people of different colors to its beauty. The city is also famous for its college campuses, foremost of all Arizona State University, where more than 100 thousand students study not only from the USA but from different countries around the world.

Scholars with the SUSI program at the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication had the opportunity to meet with the newly elected Mayor of Phoenix, Ms. Kate Gallego, and members of her cabinet. They were able to converse with her and find out how the city administration relates with the press and their influence on the citizens. Ms. Gallego has become the 61st mayor in Phoenix history and one of the few female mayors among the 10 largest US cities. She won her election with over 50 percent of the vote, representing the Democratic Party. The mayor of the city is known as a woman with a brilliant education and perspicacious intelligence.

Inauguration ceremony for the 61st Mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego

“We want to go global,” said Mayor Gallego. Gallego, the youngest mayor in the country, dreams big. After only about three months in office, she has already made major strides to transforming the city.

“We are the fifth largest city in the country, but from our perspective there are much smaller cities in the world that are better known,” notes the Mayor. 

In general, the meeting was held on a positive note. Program participants enjoyed talking with the mayor of the city and wished her good luck in her work and success. 

Group at City Hall
SUSI scholars with Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego

Photo 1- Group photo with the mayor of Phoenix