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  • SUSI: My Wolf Pack that fights for journalism and democracy

    The scholars prepare for a Zoom session with Dan Barr in Week 2

    “You should apply.” Those were the words my friend texted me in November 2019. “Think about it! You would spend four weeks in Alabama and a two weeks tour in the USA.” I clicked the link and replied, “Interested.” We Finns tend to keep communication short and precise. I was grateful for the tip but […]

  • SUSI: Spend Unique Sphere Internationally

    Official Study of the United States Institutes logo

    When you look up the acronym, SUSI stands for Study of the United States Institutes. But for me it means to “Spend Unique Sphere Internationally,” and that is what I really feel towards the program abbreviation. Ever since I started applying and participating in the program, I have felt the uniqueness most of all. The program is unique  […]