Tag: Media systems

  • Paths and Bifurcations of the Academic and Professional Life

    Slide showing some important academic and professional associations

    There is more than just one way of being a great professional, academic and/or researcher, but some roads are more effective or convenient than others. There are no recipes, but there are people with professional and academic background who can help us a lot. June 23rd was a day of inspiration to the SUSI program scholars. […]

  • Challenging and changing media ecology

    Diagram of the "Remove, Reduce, Inform" model of misinformation control used at Facebook

    The theoretical metaphor of media ecology argues that media outlets are like species that live and interact in an ecosystem. As in any ecosystem, one change impacts the whole environment. For example, the crisis of the print and broadcast media, the rise of the Internet and social media platforms have changed the media system and […]