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  • Paths and Bifurcations of the Academic and Professional Life

    Slide showing some important academic and professional associations

    There is more than just one way of being a great professional, academic and/or researcher, but some roads are more effective or convenient than others. There are no recipes, but there are people with professional and academic background who can help us a lot. June 23rd was a day of inspiration to the SUSI program scholars. […]

  • How to Launch a Full-Fledged War Against ‘Fake News’ in 18 Countries at Once

    A screenshot of SUSI scholars in Dr. Roschke's session

    The world has never been this way. Everyone has to battle the invisible army of coronavirus while also trying to guard against the darkness of “fake news.” It is difficult and challenging. It is at times like this we should remember the wise words from Martin Luther King who said, “We must accept finite disappointment, […]