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  • Media and Journalism : Professionalism, Pandemics and technology

    Since the global pandemic hit the world at the earlier of 2020, every single aspect of life has been radically changed. In-person class switched to virtual. Unfortunately, not everything could be easily converted to virtual in learning about media and Journalism. Students, no matter where their location, find it challenging to accessing learning material. And […]

  • To be digital, or not to be: Is this a question?

    Change is constant

    Meditation of a media scholar with no presence on social media  “You are not on social media? Are you for real?!“ As a lecturer coming from Albania, a country in which teaching still means ‘teaching theories’ most of the time, one of my biggest struggles has been grabbing students’ attention to focus on class discussions instead […]

  • Challenging and changing media ecology

    Diagram of the "Remove, Reduce, Inform" model of misinformation control used at Facebook

    The theoretical metaphor of media ecology argues that media outlets are like species that live and interact in an ecosystem. As in any ecosystem, one change impacts the whole environment. For example, the crisis of the print and broadcast media, the rise of the Internet and social media platforms have changed the media system and […]

  • The Future Has Been Written on the Desert

    MGM poster for Forbidden Planet

    Why is it so fascinating to play mind games with the idea of what the future will be like?Maybe because it allows you to daydream with the idea of immortality, picturing scenarios that you will probably never see. Or maybe because the future is always a promising land, in which all our problems seem to […]

  • And Scholars do play!

    Scholars play Jenga

    “If you drop it, you’re buying drinks,” said Shailendra. He was talking about the tower we built while playing Jenga. “Yalla yalla,” the Lebanese word for “come on,” was repeated to each scholar trying to keep the tower from crashing down.  Frank Russell Chair Julia Wallace from the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication […]

  • Does Technology Make Us Better Humans?

    Girl with many legs

    The monsters are out.  They’re invisible. You don’t see them glancing out of dark windows at Taylor Place. Phoenix’s heat forces us to take shelter in our air-conditioned concrete cages. The windows are small. The locks are clicking. The doors are closed.  We rarely talk to our neighbour. We smile politely, we chat, yes, but often […]

  • Technology Challenges Journalism

    Retha Hill speaks to SUSI scholars

    After basking in the magnificence of the Grand Canyon on Saturday, it was back to serious business for the Cronkite scholars today, as they dug deeper into the digital media tsunami battering journalism. No part of the world is immune, so it seems.    Today’s presenter, Retha Hill, highlighted that 85 per cent of news consumers […]