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  • Media and Journalism : Professionalism, Pandemics and technology

    Since the global pandemic hit the world at the earlier of 2020, every single aspect of life has been radically changed. In-person class switched to virtual. Unfortunately, not everything could be easily converted to virtual in learning about media and Journalism. Students, no matter where their location, find it challenging to accessing learning material. And […]

  • Just How Else Do You Unveil the Power of Technology in Pedagogy?

    Dr. Marianne Barrett

    It was day five at the 2021 Study of the U.S. Institute on Journalism, Technology, and Democracy hosted by the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University, for a cohort of 18 participants from across the world. The thrill of the virtual component continued with experiences on the power of imagination and adaptation for us […]

  • A Night We Will Never Forget


    This is a long blog post. If you are not interested in serious things, go directly to the Potluck part. You can find it easily near the first photo. Approaching the end of the week, we spent our last day before final presentations on understanding how online courses are conducted here at Cronkite. Three things […]

  • Does Journalism Need Surgery?

    The journalism teaching hospital The quest to save the journalism profession persists. The symptoms of its death abound; so do the theories about resuscitating it. Will it take a mere CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)? Many claim that technology and social media are the main causes, puncturing the heart of journalism practice, resulting in a fatal challenge […]

  • “While we teach, we learn”*

    I was just 24 when I started teaching at one of South Africa’s biggest universities, Wits in Johannesburg. Not only did I find myself in the big city for the first time, I was also confronted by demanding and judgmental stares of students just a few years younger than I was at the time. There […]

  • Technology Cannot Replace a Living Human Being – Touch Offers Human Contact

    Engraved ASU mission statement

    The final week at the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication for SUSI 2019 Scholars began with an aim to deep dive into pedagogical theories and practices at the Fulton Building on the ASU Tempe campus, with our mentor Dr. Marianne Barrett, Louise Solheim Professor. Technology vs Education “Technology cannot replace a living human […]