Category: Media literacy

  • Challenging and changing media ecology

    Diagram of the "Remove, Reduce, Inform" model of misinformation control used at Facebook

    The theoretical metaphor of media ecology argues that media outlets are like species that live and interact in an ecosystem. As in any ecosystem, one change impacts the whole environment. For example, the crisis of the print and broadcast media, the rise of the Internet and social media platforms have changed the media system and […]

  • How to Launch a Full-Fledged War Against ‘Fake News’ in 18 Countries at Once

    A screenshot of SUSI scholars in Dr. Roschke's session

    The world has never been this way. Everyone has to battle the invisible army of coronavirus while also trying to guard against the darkness of “fake news.” It is difficult and challenging. It is at times like this we should remember the wise words from Martin Luther King who said, “We must accept finite disappointment, […]

  • Mis- and Disinformation Overload

    SUSI 2021 participants in Zoom

    Today marked the official academic start of the “Study of the US Institute (SUSI-2021) on Journalism, Technology and Democracy program” in its hybrid part. The main theme on the agenda was mis- and disinformation in our current world. The activities were led by Dr. Kristy Roschke, Managing Director of the Cronkite News Co/Lab. The asynchronous […]