Category: Legal and judiciary systems

  • Getting to know what’s it like being a federal judge

    Gavel and law books

    SUSI Scholars’ privileged behind-the-curtains glimpse No country on earth is crime-free. This being true, the challenge facing leaders (globally) is fighting crime and maintaining law and order. The enormity of the challenge (e.g., crime rate and frequency, type, and so on) may vary from country to country, but the truth is that leaders or politicians […]

  • Challenging and changing media ecology

    Diagram of the "Remove, Reduce, Inform" model of misinformation control used at Facebook

    The theoretical metaphor of media ecology argues that media outlets are like species that live and interact in an ecosystem. As in any ecosystem, one change impacts the whole environment. For example, the crisis of the print and broadcast media, the rise of the Internet and social media platforms have changed the media system and […]

  • Our Own Private Vortex

    It would be difficult to ask this group of professionals and scholars, “Where are we meeting today?” without getting an array of mostly humorous replies. “Room 444, of course,” would be the simple answer. Far from being a 666 scenario, and still at a comfortable distance from the need for a 911-type intervention, this place […]

  • “The most important thing for a judge is not professional experience, but patience”*

    US District Court of Arizona

    What are the peculiarities of a precedent-based legal system? How should a judge perceive each judicial situation? These and other questions were addressed by Judge John Tuchi during the extremely informative visit by scholars from the “Journalism. Technology, and Democracy” SUSI to the Federal District Court of Arizona. A precedent-based legal system is foundational for […]