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  • Media and Journalism : Professionalism, Pandemics and technology

    Since the global pandemic hit the world at the earlier of 2020, every single aspect of life has been radically changed. In-person class switched to virtual. Unfortunately, not everything could be easily converted to virtual in learning about media and Journalism. Students, no matter where their location, find it challenging to accessing learning material. And […]

  • “Report! Report! Report! Just tell the truth.”

    Cronkite School Writer-in-Residence Terry Greene Sterling shared her stories on immigration issues with our SUSI scholars on Saturday morning (Phoenix time) June 26. Terry is a passionate writer. From her stories, we can feel how much she loves her job. Her sharing indeed expanded my imagination and deepened my understanding about both the tears and […]

  • Paths and Bifurcations of the Academic and Professional Life

    Slide showing some important academic and professional associations

    There is more than just one way of being a great professional, academic and/or researcher, but some roads are more effective or convenient than others. There are no recipes, but there are people with professional and academic background who can help us a lot. June 23rd was a day of inspiration to the SUSI program scholars. […]

  • Challenging and changing media ecology

    Diagram of the "Remove, Reduce, Inform" model of misinformation control used at Facebook

    The theoretical metaphor of media ecology argues that media outlets are like species that live and interact in an ecosystem. As in any ecosystem, one change impacts the whole environment. For example, the crisis of the print and broadcast media, the rise of the Internet and social media platforms have changed the media system and […]

  • Opening Up the Discussion About Government, Press & Democracy

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution

    The second week of the program promises to be busier with tougher questions on media regulation, protection of freedom of speech and press, and the boundaries of that freedom in the social media age.  This Monday Daniel Barr, partner in the law firm Perkins Coie and our second instructor at SUSI 2021, laid the groundwork […]

  • What Should Come First, Please: A Free Press or Prosperity?

    In Africa, governments hold an awkward sort of orientation that national economic developments should instigate freedom of expression, and so the idea of free press should be postponed. This has even denied room for the discussion of the subject itself, of whether it is development or a free press that should come first. For decades, […]

  • Just How Else Do You Unveil the Power of Technology in Pedagogy?

    Dr. Marianne Barrett

    It was day five at the 2021 Study of the U.S. Institute on Journalism, Technology, and Democracy hosted by the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University, for a cohort of 18 participants from across the world. The thrill of the virtual component continued with experiences on the power of imagination and adaptation for us […]

  • Packing Up the SUSI Program at VOA and the Newseum

    Group photo at VOA

    We are packing up our six-week program with these final days in Washington DC, our last days in the US as well. And today, we are packing up our journalism journey with Voice of America and the Newseum. VOA is proud of being the largest US international broadcaster now, from its modest beginning in 1942 […]

  • A Tale of Untold Stories

    SUSI Group photo with Barnett Wright

    Journalism is the “first rough draft of history.” Phillip L. Graham This is the beginning of our last week of our SUSI program. Our last Monday together in the US. By now, we should have mastered the art of being under the American sun (although we have not!), trained first by the feverish desert blaze […]

  • Does Journalism Need Surgery?

    The journalism teaching hospital The quest to save the journalism profession persists. The symptoms of its death abound; so do the theories about resuscitating it. Will it take a mere CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)? Many claim that technology and social media are the main causes, puncturing the heart of journalism practice, resulting in a fatal challenge […]