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  • Opening Up the Discussion About Government, Press & Democracy

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution

    The second week of the program promises to be busier with tougher questions on media regulation, protection of freedom of speech and press, and the boundaries of that freedom in the social media age.  This Monday Daniel Barr, partner in the law firm Perkins Coie and our second instructor at SUSI 2021, laid the groundwork […]

  • What Should Come First, Please: A Free Press or Prosperity?

    In Africa, governments hold an awkward sort of orientation that national economic developments should instigate freedom of expression, and so the idea of free press should be postponed. This has even denied room for the discussion of the subject itself, of whether it is development or a free press that should come first. For decades, […]

  • Digital Mind-Reader and Doomed Democracy

    USC campus

    Could you imagine a world in which machines and algorithms have become so powerful, smart and precise, that they’re able to predict all your moves, fulfill all your desires, and recognize the slightest changes in your mood? Could it be a world full of peace and harmony? All your wishes come true, all your prayers […]

  • Phoenix, the Colorful City

    View of Phoenix from City Hall

    The beautiful city of Phoenix is in many aspects currently the fastest growing in the United States. It is the fifth biggest city in the country. Economically the city has registered massive growth; transport infrastructure has speedily developed to include the light rail and major freeways. In the last three months, additional flights have been […]

  • Our Own Private Vortex

    It would be difficult to ask this group of professionals and scholars, “Where are we meeting today?” without getting an array of mostly humorous replies. “Room 444, of course,” would be the simple answer. Far from being a 666 scenario, and still at a comfortable distance from the need for a 911-type intervention, this place […]

  • Ideal Democracy Under Threat

    Arizona state seal

    American elections and multi-tier democracies are considered the “ideal” for many countries across the globe. Federal- and state-level polls to elect president, senate, congress or bicameral state legislature are unique, and where policy debates have usually taken place.   However, this exemplary ideal is gradually fading for some, especially after the 2016 election when Republicans […]

  • “The most important thing for a judge is not professional experience, but patience”*

    US District Court of Arizona

    What are the peculiarities of a precedent-based legal system? How should a judge perceive each judicial situation? These and other questions were addressed by Judge John Tuchi during the extremely informative visit by scholars from the “Journalism. Technology, and Democracy” SUSI to the Federal District Court of Arizona. A precedent-based legal system is foundational for […]

  • Legislative Framework in a Democratic Journalism System

    First Amendment

    If 17 journalists and scholars coming from 17 countries on four continents worldwide gather in room 444 at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is that evidence of a free world? Especially if today we are talking about freedom? Probably. “Freedom” is difficult to define and reach a common conclusion among different […]