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  • SUSI: My Wolf Pack that fights for journalism and democracy

    The scholars prepare for a Zoom session with Dan Barr in Week 2

    “You should apply.” Those were the words my friend texted me in November 2019. “Think about it! You would spend four weeks in Alabama and a two weeks tour in the USA.” I clicked the link and replied, “Interested.” We Finns tend to keep communication short and precise. I was grateful for the tip but […]

  • Getting to know what’s it like being a federal judge

    Gavel and law books

    SUSI Scholars’ privileged behind-the-curtains glimpse No country on earth is crime-free. This being true, the challenge facing leaders (globally) is fighting crime and maintaining law and order. The enormity of the challenge (e.g., crime rate and frequency, type, and so on) may vary from country to country, but the truth is that leaders or politicians […]

  • SUSI: Spend Unique Sphere Internationally

    Official Study of the United States Institutes logo

    When you look up the acronym, SUSI stands for Study of the United States Institutes. But for me it means to “Spend Unique Sphere Internationally,” and that is what I really feel towards the program abbreviation. Ever since I started applying and participating in the program, I have felt the uniqueness most of all. The program is unique  […]

  • How to Launch a Full-Fledged War Against ‘Fake News’ in 18 Countries at Once

    A screenshot of SUSI scholars in Dr. Roschke's session

    The world has never been this way. Everyone has to battle the invisible army of coronavirus while also trying to guard against the darkness of “fake news.” It is difficult and challenging. It is at times like this we should remember the wise words from Martin Luther King who said, “We must accept finite disappointment, […]

  • A Tale of Untold Stories

    SUSI Group photo with Barnett Wright

    Journalism is the “first rough draft of history.” Phillip L. Graham This is the beginning of our last week of our SUSI program. Our last Monday together in the US. By now, we should have mastered the art of being under the American sun (although we have not!), trained first by the feverish desert blaze […]

  • Of Aliens, Sun Devils and Sun-Affected SUSI scholars

    LA Times building

    After four weeks in Phoenix, the SUSI scholars hit Los Angeles on Saturday, with the Arizona weather still the “hot” topic of discussion. The emblem of Arizona is the Sun Devil, for good reason: the heat is simply hideous. We were informed that we were fortunate since it’s usually hotter at this time of the […]

  • Einstein and Cronkite Meet SUSI

    Symmetrical cactus

    Time and space are relative Most of us have traveled 24 or more hours and we still arrived the same day we left our home countries. For the first few days, we woke up in the middle of the night because on a distant meridian it was already morning, and we almost fell asleep during […]

  • A Night We Will Never Forget


    This is a long blog post. If you are not interested in serious things, go directly to the Potluck part. You can find it easily near the first photo. Approaching the end of the week, we spent our last day before final presentations on understanding how online courses are conducted here at Cronkite. Three things […]

  • Our Own Private Vortex

    It would be difficult to ask this group of professionals and scholars, “Where are we meeting today?” without getting an array of mostly humorous replies. “Room 444, of course,” would be the simple answer. Far from being a 666 scenario, and still at a comfortable distance from the need for a 911-type intervention, this place […]

  • Understanding Society

    SUSI scholars huddled under a tree for shade

    A few failures have started for a certain guy. He has no money, no job and his family is sinking into poverty. After his wife leaves him, he loses his apartment and joins the homeless. He lives in a shelter with his son. This is the plot of the movie “Pursuit of Happyness,” inspired by the true story of Chris […]