Category: Cultural experience

  • Volcanic rumbles

    There’s something about Taal Vulcano in Tagaytay, Philippines. Early January last year, after 42 years of being silent, it erupted–which almost canceled my flight from my province to the capital, Manila, en route to the Netherlands for a short course in media campaigns. And this year, during the last week of the Study in the US Institutes […]

  • SUSI: Spend Unique Sphere Internationally

    Official Study of the United States Institutes logo

    When you look up the acronym, SUSI stands for Study of the United States Institutes. But for me it means to “Spend Unique Sphere Internationally,” and that is what I really feel towards the program abbreviation. Ever since I started applying and participating in the program, I have felt the uniqueness most of all. The program is unique  […]

  • Last, But Not

    When I first met Basil Hamusokwe at Sky Harbor International Airport on June 2, the six-week-long SUSI program seemed never-ending. But today, the end of it, I realized what the words “time flies” really mean…  The last day of the SUSI scholars’ travel began with a visit to the U.S. Capitol which is home to […]

  • Packing Up the SUSI Program at VOA and the Newseum

    Group photo at VOA

    We are packing up our six-week program with these final days in Washington DC, our last days in the US as well. And today, we are packing up our journalism journey with Voice of America and the Newseum. VOA is proud of being the largest US international broadcaster now, from its modest beginning in 1942 […]

  • A Tale of Untold Stories

    SUSI Group photo with Barnett Wright

    Journalism is the “first rough draft of history.” Phillip L. Graham This is the beginning of our last week of our SUSI program. Our last Monday together in the US. By now, we should have mastered the art of being under the American sun (although we have not!), trained first by the feverish desert blaze […]

  • You Fight, to Breathe Again

    National Memorial for Peace and Justice

    This is not a simple story. This is an eternal story of life, and of freedom. The story of Rosa Parks, and the story of thousands of fighters. When you witness these stories, you’re not going to be able to breathe. And then, you breathe again, because you realize how precious life is and how […]

  • “One hand against oppression and one hand as a sign of forgiveness”

    The stained-glass window that stands in the rear center of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham is distinct from all the others in that venue. Deep shades of blue encircle a stylized figure of a black crucified Christ, which appears to be delicately balanced against the frame. The right hand holds one top corner and […]

  • Happy Birthday, America!

    Watching fireworks in Birmingham

    As I woke up early on the morning of July 4th in Birmingham, I got a Twitter notification that “the Independence Day celebration had been carried out.” I was surprised for a moment, but immediately realized that Nepal time is hours ahead. This time, I will be observing this day in Birmingham, Alabama.  The celebration […]

  • Autry Museum: Cowboys, Native Americans, Colts and Much More…

    California Stage Coach

    What makes a good cowboy? First of all, one has to be really physically strong and an accurate shooter. A passion for gambling seems to be in their blood, so a love of risk and adventure. To what extent were Western movies realistic in their depictions of cowboys? The actually were, but protracted shootout scenes […]

  • An Attempt to Become Familiar With Baseball

    SUSI scholars show their Diamondback tickets

    Sunday in Brazil is football day. From January to April the games of the State Championships take place; from May to December, it’s the matches of the Brazilian Championship. It is no wonder that the country is known for the sport, despite not having performed well in the most recent World Cups. My comments about […]