Author: Basil Hamusokwe

  • Does Journalism Need Surgery?

    The journalism teaching hospital The quest to save the journalism profession persists. The symptoms of its death abound; so do the theories about resuscitating it. Will it take a mere CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)? Many claim that technology and social media are the main causes, puncturing the heart of journalism practice, resulting in a fatal challenge […]

  • Journalists Should Stop Being Arrogant

    Cronkite News

    The focus of the fourth day of the 2019 SUSI Journalism Scholars program on Wednesday, June 7th, was on healthy information communities. “The time for journalists to be arrogant has long gone.” This was the position taken by Dan Gillmor when speaking to the scholars.  According to Mr. Gillmor, who is the founder of Dopplr […]